EyeConsult: Retail, Marketing and Digital Consulting

One-on-one consulting allows us to get up close and personal with your business, looking at what sales and marketing you’ve done in the past, working out what does and doesn’t work, and figuring out what steps to take next.

Marketing Strategy & Solutions

Effective marketing is a perfect balance of strategising and planning, along with actually getting stuff done.

We will first determine ‘what’ you want to achieve, and then work out ‘how’ you will do it.

Often you’re too busy just trying to get the day-to-day work done, so leave the planning to us. It’s what we’re great at,

and often we have a pool of existing research we can draw from.


Our highly customised approach brings each client a combination of deep marketing knowledge and expert practicality.

We can step in and be your campaign manager or marketing manager, branding manager – call us whatever you like –

we’re here to make sure your great marketing ideas get executed.


We look back, we look forward, we look around – trying to paint a clear picture of what it’s going to take to propel your business forward.

We work with you as much or as little as you need, and put together a plan within a budget that you’re happy with.

We’ll work out just what you need to reach your target audience, and help convert those leads into sales. Together we can help you discover the ‘missed’ opportunities in your business that unlock real income.

The word “eyeview” is also a reference to making sure your business is consistent in how you look to the outside world (your identity and branding) and then getting the viewership you deserve. We help increase visibility and awareness of your business through the channels relevant to your type of business.


We are currently working with Ash to help us with content and a social media strategy for a new business we are opening as well as consulting with her for a strategy across our current businesses. Ash is great to work with and understands what we are trying to achieve. We are extremely pleased with the beautiful imagery she has produced for us already and look forward to continuing to work with Ash across our other businesses.

Sarah Blong - Putters Paradise Mini Golf

It’s refreshing when an expert like Ashleigh not only tells you about the tools available to you, but also shows you ‘how to use them’.  She then takes the time and trouble to ‘do it with you’ – a real advantage to an ‘old fella’ like me who’s trying to get his head around all the nuances of social media, in which Ashleigh is clearly adept, nimble and experienced.  Ashleigh gave us great value in 2 face-to-face sessions – contact her; you will not regret it.

Maintain To Profit, Auckland Central

You won’t find a better digital marketer than Ashleigh of EyeView. She knows social media backwards, she knows what works and what doesn’t work, and I thoroughly recommend Ashleigh to anyone wanting to grow their brand or their business. I only engaged Ashleigh’s services just over a month ago, and already she has turned my book into a potentially best-seller. Ashleigh takes a personal interest and pride in everything she does and comes up with amazing promotional ideas. Thank you Ashleigh. It is so comforting knowing that my hard work in authoring ‘Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle’ will be rewarded, thanks to your expertise in marketing.

Eric Neal- Completing The Jigsaw Puzzle

As the owner of a new business I’ve found EyeView invaluable in providing realistic social media strategies and in advising how to get my brand in front of the right people at the right time.I would strongly recommend EyeView to anyone starting a new venture who needs initial advice and ongoing support in growing their business in the digital world.

Sue Carlyle- The Skin Science Clinic

Eyeview helped me incredibly with social media. Like a lot of people, I am a one man band and I run my own social media marketing but I had no idea what works and what doesn’t. Eyeview were able to give me a tailored strategy to follow to get the most out of my marketing. Highly recommend!

Top Span Auckland

I wish there’d had been an “Ashleigh from EYEVIEW LIMITED” in my life 10 years ago.
What she has done for my business in 3 short weeks –
· Got my marketing on point. · Put together some digital strategies and also getting me in front of the right people at the right time. · Ashleigh has had many years of marketing experience and is able to apply this to a client’s individual needs. She recognises that no two companies are the same – we all need our own unique selling points. · Most of all she can communicate on all levels and is patient, kind and gives value for money. · I have already recommended Ashleigh to colleagues in my industry because I have seen an instant lift in traffic to my social media accounts and I know I will be contracting her long term as my Social Communication Manager.

Jos Verey- Mangere Bridge Real Estate
Professionals Lovegrove Realty

I approached Eyeview to help me with some marketing to kickstart a small business idea. Working full time meant I didn’t have the time and resources to be doing the marketing side of things, and needed help. I was very comfortable entrusting the task to Eyeview, and allowed them do what they are good at. A couple of hours of consultation with EyeView was enough for me to get the ball rolling. I learned where to find my customers and how to get my new brand in front of them.

Shadi Salehpour - After Hours

Ashleigh has been incredibly helpful in getting our social media strategy sorted out. I would recommend her to any Gen X that is struggling with marketing their business in the online world.

Wayne Strong- Embroidme East Tamaki